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School Education Department is an executive department of Government of Punjab, Pakistan. The main functions of this department are to execute policy formulation, implementation and monitoring of secondary, middle and high school education and maintain educational standards in those fields. This department also coordinates with other departments like police, health, tribal affairs, administration and others. Policy formulation deals with curriculum, teaching methods, student assessment, school environment etc. Policy implementation deals with collecting funds, providing financial aid etc.

Education secretary is the chief secretary position held by school education department. Education secretaries are responsible for planning, coordinating policies and functioning of the department. Secretaries are supposed to be fair in nature and have sound knowledge about all policies of the school education department. The chief minister of Punjab and his cabinet picks the secretary from among the candidates sanctioned by the secretary.

A chief article of this department deals with major decisions of the department. The first main article is policy of compulsorily joining the mandatory school education or fee reimbursement policy. This policy has been in practice since sometime. The next main article is fee reimbursement policy which is formulated to meet the requirements of students who cannot support themselves in the fee structure of a school education. This is one of the main reasons for students to drop out of school.

There is another article that says the school needs to be registered under the fee reimbursement system. This is for students who cannot support themselves in the fee structure of a school education. For students who join a recognized educational institution and register for class A and B, they will receive free fee on education. The department also decides on whether to waive the fee requirements of students who want to join a recognized educational institute despite their inability to pay fees.

The main article of this department talks about the school education reforms. Amongst the changes, the first change has been in favor of the disabled children. Earlier the eligibility criteria for the free education was very strict and even the mentally retarded child had a very tough time in getting admission in a school. However, the school education reform of the present dispensation facilitates the admission of disabled children in almost all the leading institutes of the country.

There is another article that talks about the Non-teaching School Conditions. The condition is mainly confined to Lancashire and the Northwestern Districts. According to the article, there is no restriction on non-teaching schools. They can function as per the regulations laid down by the chief minister. However, the minimum standard of English is maintained.

The chief minister of the state is the person who actually decides over the fate of a school. This is something that happens rarely in a state like West Bengal. This is mainly because the chief minister wields a great deal of power within the party that he leads. He has also a lot of say over the functioning of the school. Therefore, if something goes wrong in any school in Bengal, it is often because of the decisions taken by the chief minister.

Another important school education article is the opening of new schools by the state government. In this, the state government opens the existing schools and adds new ones on the basis of need. In order to make the existing schools better, the state government sometimes needs to take over or reconstruct the school itself.

However, this does not happen very often. For one thing, the state government prefers to just reopen schools that have been long neglected. For another, it may not be able to get enough funding from the central and local governments. To cater to all these ends, the education department appoints additional teachers and pays them on an administrative fee.

An important piece of information in relation to the opening of new schools by the state government is the kind of students that the school will accept. If it wants to open an upper secondary school in Bengal, for instance, it will not be looking at whether or not the students are good. It will be looking at whether or not the students have the ability to learn. To do this, it makes use of a very different kind of criteria than if it were to look at whether or not the students have upper primary school education.

In order to keep tabs on the performance of the school, the education department also has an online monitoring system. This way, the school can know which students are performing well and which ones are not. In order to make sure that all of its students have proper educations, the school has to ensure that it maintains good relations with its parents. With this, the school education department Thiruvarur District provides parents with instructions and guidance on how to send their children to school.

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